new dress

I decided today was the time to be brave, put the patchwork away for a while and make some new clothes, and clothes that fit me properly.

I’ve been reading Cal Patch‘s book  Design-It-Yourself Clothes and after having had great success with a skirt a couple of weeks ago it was time for the basic dress.

The thought of drafting my own pattern always seems quite daunting but each time I’m amazed by how simple it is.  I actually find it quicker to do this based on my own measurements than to fiddle about with printed paper patterns.  I’ve had better results too getting things to fit and feel comfortable.

I made this dress in a morning, and it would have been less if I hadn’t accidentally sewn right up where a zip should have been.  I trimmed and locked the seam before I noticed.  A seam ripper is definitely the next sewing accessory I need to buy!

I’m going to try and alter the neckline so its not quite so…um…busty!


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