a year-long Ishbel

I haven’t officially entered the Tour de Fleece as I failed miserably last year, but all the spinning as inspired me anyway.

This is Old Maiden Aunt superwash merino fibre in Moody – the colourway of the original Ishbel shawl.  I felt so lucky to get my hands on this and actually started spinning it over a year ago.  Despite working for Ysolda I don’t have an Ishbel myself, but this is soon to change!  I should have enough of this handspun for the large size, and I’m aiming to get the spinning finished in a week or so as I was more than half-way through when I stopped last time.

The singles have all been spindle spun, but I plan to turn it into a heavy laceweight 2ply on my wheel.  It does feel like cheating a bit but I really want to get it on my needles!


2 thoughts on “a year-long Ishbel

  1. Spinning is totally worth while, I bought lots of angora from woolfest to knit into something nice at the end. It feels great though to spin some beautiful yarn yourself and then knit it up just because you’ve made more of an effort to get there. I recently this year made the ishbel i used 4ply yarn but did the extra repeats you’d do for the bigger version and still had yarn left over from my skein. It’s a super knit and perfect for a travel project. Nessa xx

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