a slightly quicker spinning project

Last night I got a bit sucked into watching some grim events unfold on the news.  After a while my fingers got too tired to knit so my spinning wheel came out along with some merino/nylon fibre from Krafty Koala, in a colourway called Waterlily.

When I first started spinning I used to really struggle with merino for some reason, it was always overspun and twisty.  The practice has paid off though and this skein is lovely and squishy.

I split the three colour sections pretty roughly, spun them in a repeating order and then navajo plied them to get stripes.  The result is 130m of aran weight yarn, and a tiny dent in my fibre stash.

I no idea what this will be become, maybe some mitts for my sister.  She ends up stealing most of my knitwear anyway, I might as well just knit with her in mind!

The plan next week is try and sew a couple of dresses, I accidentally went fabric shopping today with a very enabling friend…


2 thoughts on “a slightly quicker spinning project

  1. Sarah, I am so glad you started a blog. I can’t wait to see the dresses you make. I haven’t gotten that bold yet. I have been sewing a long time and seem to be stuck on skirts.

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