This weekend I got a bit obsessive with a new sewing project – here is Macaron!

This my first time sewing a Colette pattern and I loved it.  The directions are beautifully written and I learnt so many new things.  Look!  I sewed a sleeve!!

The printed fabric is some Liberty Tana Lawn and I used some plain heavy-ish navy cotton for the shell.  I couldn’t be more happy with this if the pattern came with free cake!

I have a couple other of her dress patterns to try.  Other things about it that make me happy: it fits! there are no dodgy sewing bits! it has cheeky pockets!  Yay!

And while we were taking the photos one of our wee buddies stood and watched…

This is Penguin, the most friendly and curious of our chickens.  She was the first of our rescued ex-battery hens to get outside and taste the grass and she’s not stopped trying to eat anything green since.  (Hence the netting.)

7 thoughts on “macaron

  1. I admire your tasteful use of the Liberty cotton lawn on just the upper bodice/waistband – what a lovely way to feature a beautiful fabric, but in a small amount (which, when the fabric is a tad pricey, is a brilliant idea). It looks great!

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