I’ve only been cutting them for a couple of weeks and I have a glut already.

This is two days worth, and the plants are only just getting going.

These juicy beasts are the result of two things – building a vegetable garden on the site of the old chicken run (chickens = amazing fertilizer), and accidentally planting out 12 courgette plants.  Two are usually more than enough for a family, but I thought that half of them were cucumbers.  I was wrong.  I will have no cucumbers this year.

To deal with this I have started making one of my favourite things ever – CHUTNEY.  I used the Courgette Chutney recipe from my most useful cookbook, Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook.  This book is amazing if have one particular ingredient and need a recipe to base it round, or if you’re not that great at labeling your seeds and end of with masses of one vegetable.

I’m going to try and leave it alone for a couple of months and then NOM it with cheese and oatcakes…


2 thoughts on “glut

  1. It’s pictures like these that make me wish I had a garden…

    I made jam out of vourgettes and pears once – unusual, but very tasty! I can dig out the recipe (and translate from German) if you like!


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