Here is the skirt I’ve been working on the last couple of days…

It was unbelievably easy to make – I used the basic skirt pattern I drafted using Cal Patch’s book.  The lining was cut exactly to the original pattern, and then I used the slash and spread method to make a wider pattern for the main part of the skirt.  I made facings in the main fabric, gathered the bottom and then sewed the gathers to the lining underneath.

I also added some cheeky pockets, just because now I know how to!  Pretty hidden things make me happy.

The main fabric is from Ray Stitch, organic cotton printed by Birch Fabrics.  I went all fancy and used some leftover Liberty fabric for the lining and secret pockets, and lots of red stitching.

Its a teeny bit on the big side so needs a couple of alterations, but is still wearable and perfect for twirling.  I did feel a little overdressed for the dog walk today, but heh, I liked it!

3 thoughts on “bubble!

  1. This is super pretty! I’ve been watching your blog lately and find it refreshing to look at some crafty idea’s that aren’t all knitting like most of my favourite blogs. Keep up the good work Saz you make some lovely clothes
    Nessa xxx

  2. Spooky. I’ve just been drooling over that very fabric at Ray Stitch and here it is all made up in a beautiful bespoke skirt ;o) Co-orindates very well with your Audrey.
    Loving your new blog.

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