some bag surgery

My mum sometimes gets in the mood to knit a little.  Last time the feeling came over her she got quite interested in felting and tried to make a bag in some random orange yarn.

Felting it did work in that the stitches mushed together and it became very dense, but it didn’t shrink at all and still resembled a strange orange sack.  I wish I’d taken photos of it originally.

It was completely the wrong shape to be any use so I offered to do a bit of surgery.  I started by cutting a chunk out of the centre as the edges were nice and round at the bottom and I wanted to keep that shape.  I split the strip I cut out into two and turned it into handles, sewed in some lining and then handsewed a strip of the lining round the front.  This was mainly to hide the sewing lines from the lining but I think it look ok.

My mum made this by knitting a garter stitch base, then picking up the stitches all the way around and knitting up in the round until she ran out of yarn.  Pimps!

I’m going to be going away in London next week for Knit Nation and I’d like to try and make a new bag for myself before I go. As well as another skirt and a black jersey top.  Hmm….not sure this going to happen!

I just need to finish the second of a pair of socks I’m making my mum while I’m away so I can make her up a little package of crafting when I get back.


One thought on “some bag surgery

  1. I love the lining fabric and the whole story of the transformation – having seen only the finished product I would’ve assumed that it had come out originally as it had been planned! See you at KnitNation : )

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