sweetgrass and a shawl

I got this same feeling at the exactly the same time last year, the need to finish things off and clear out my knitting basket.  It’s nice to suddenly have lots of finished things as almost all my un-completed projects only need a little attention.  I’ve noticed this time too that they’re all the same kind of project – small and too complicated for bringing to my knit night.

So, the first completed thing – Sweetgrass Socks by Sarah Fama (ravelry project details here)

I cast on for these as soon as they were published in the Spring/Summer Twist Collective issue and I loved them.  Before I could start the second sock I got a bit distracted (something about not having a ball winder handy for the second skein was all it took to throw me) and they went to the bottom of the pile.  But during a panicked search for travel knitting projects for my trip to Knit Nation last week they were unearthed.  Hurrah!  And now my mum has another pair of socks on the way to her as there was never going to be enough yarn for a pair for me.  I refused to admit this until I got half-way down the first foot with about 3 grams of yarn left.

And now to the next thing…Lune by Miriam Felton

I started this months ago when I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the pattern before Twist and Knit was published.  The distraction came this time by knitting up sweaters for Ysolda’s new book.  Every time I look at it I’m surprised by how much I’d already done, so it can’t take that much more surely?  I’m going to push on with this for the next couple of weeks and see if I can finally get it finished.  I’m making it in some delicious alpaca/silk laceweight from Old Maiden Aunt.

However, the new Twist Collective issue is seriously weakening my resolve not to start anything brand new for a while.  The day it came out I couldn’t stop thinking about this gorgeous dress by Cirilia Rose.  If I had the time I would make probably more than half the patterns, I think its one of the best issues ever…

3 thoughts on “sweetgrass and a shawl

  1. What pretty socks! I love that socks will always fit *someone*, if they don’t end up fitting you. If mine end up too big, mom gets them. Too small? They go to my sister.

  2. I can’t wait to get start knitting from the new Twist Collective. I also think it looks like the best one they’ve done so far. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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