garden noms

So far my new vegetable garden has been pretty productive.  Its given us more courgettes than I ever thought could possibly exist (and they’re still coming), lots of herbs, blackcurrants, beans, salad, spinach, gooseberries, onions, rhubarb, blueberries etc….

New successes this year though have been raspberries.  I’ve never had these in the garden before because the fields near our house have been so full of wild ones, but earlier this year our local council cut them all down to plant a new forest.  I caved in and bought a few canes, and now I get these –

Another new excitement is tomatoes!  I’ve tried to grow these various ways every summer for the last four years and never managed more than a couple green cherry-sized fruits, usually because of the dreaded blight, or just crappy weather.

It’s still early days, but I might have cracked it, as these are actually a good size and there’s still time for them to ripen.  Hurrah!

This is also my first time with runner beans for a while.  I planted the seeds quite late so no beans yet, but they have the most beautiful flowers.  I think the variety is White Lady which I bought because one of my dogs LadyBug is very old and has a white beard.  (Oh, and I knew the flowers would be pretty.)

I have a bit of a thing about plants that like to grow up things a bit too quickly, or that strangle and climb up whatever else they can find, it creeps me out a bit.  So I feel a bit uneasy about the pumpkin that is currently growing up inside my hedge, but I’m doing my best to be brave and leave it alone.  And also, because I’ve never managed to grow a really good pumpkin before.  Yay!

And for all this I thank my new (slightly) raised vegetable beds, a bit of planning but above all – chicken poop!!  Thank you my chooks x


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