a dodgy dress and a dodgy fringe

I can’t decide how I feel about this dress…

I’ve had the idea for this in my head for a while and finally sat down yesterday to put it together.  The pattern is a mix of things – I combined the yoke of Macaron with a bodice pattern piece I drafted to my own measurements for something else.  The fit of the patterned top part is actually quite good, it feels nicely fitted and very comfortable.  I’m very pleased too with the armholes as I forced myself not to take shortcuts and put in facings round the armholes and neckline, complete with interfacing.  I even made a practice bodice and adjusted the fit and dart placement.  So far so good.

For the skirt I wanted gathers at the centre of the front and back.  I took the measurements of the bottom of the bodice, made the skirt as long as I could according to the fabric I had and then shaped it out to give a wide-ish sweep.

I can’t decide though, I feel like its a bit big and unflattering, especially where the gathers are (my sister was particular unimpressed by this bit) but part of me thinks its a little bit cute.  Maybe because I mostly wear fairly fitted things it feels big, but actually it’s ok.  I’d love some honest opinions….

Right now I’m trying to weigh up how easy it would be to alter, and do I really like it enough to bother?   Especially when it’s nice to have something less fitted and extremely comfortable in my wardrobe.  Do I mind that it might be unflattering when I work from home and no-one has to see it?  It’s also much better when pinched in with appropriate knitwear.

Please also excuse my dodgy haircut, which actually, is a lot better than it was two days ago.  I was in a bit of a rush to get ready for a night out and cut my own fringe (which I’ve done plenty times before) only I made a bit of a mess of it and one side became obviously shorter than the other.  Whoops…


13 thoughts on “a dodgy dress and a dodgy fringe

  1. I think it’s cute! Definitely looks comfy too. Maybe a fabric or leather belt would cinch it in a bit at the waist and make it look more defined when you want to wear it out?

  2. I have to agree with the others! I think a belt would cinch it in nicely, and you can match it to the occasion. But it’s a really lovely, simple dress that I think works just as well unadorned (particularly with the knitwear! What pattern is it?)

  3. Very cute, and amazing fit! I’m a short-cutter myself so I’m impressed with your determination – it paid off! I agree with a belt or sash at the middle. Centred gathers can easily be a bit unflattering unless perhaps on an empire waist, but it really doesn’t look bad from your photos! If it really bothers you, I would take out the waist seam in the front and back and redistribute the gathers evenly? Not that that’s necessary, as the dress looks fabulous in its current state, but there is no point in NOT fixing something if you won’t wear it as it currently is… Hmmm, to fix or not to fix?

  4. Maybe a simple band of the skirt’s fabric would do the trick? It seems a little unfinished.
    But it still looks great! With and without Daisy.

  5. I like it, Sarah! Maybe if you wore a belt with it right at that seam you’d like it more? It does look super cute with that cardigan too.

    I say keep it!

  6. I like it too. It looks very comfy. I agree that a big belt would look adorable and stylish. I love the sweater you are wearing with it as well.

  7. I didn’t even notice the uneven fringe, the hair looks good! And so does the dress. I see what your problem is with it, but I think you should just leave it. It looks really cute with knitwear on top, and I suspect it would look really good with a belt too. My honest opinion is: If it gets to the point where it’s really bugging you then go back in and work on it. If not, wear it and enjoy how different and comfortable it is 🙂

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