my weekend

I’m just back from a weekend away at my parents in the Highlands.  My sister and I traveled up for a little rest and to be fed huge amounts of cake by my mum.

There was lots of knitting…

My mum doesn’t knit much anymore, but she likes to pick up things I’m working on if it’s stocking stitch in the round.  She knit almost the whole hood of my Idlewood while I worked on other things.

I took some random photos in my dad’s garden…

While we were away my sister started knitting.  She’s shown no interest whatsoever in knitting herself, preferring to steal the things I make instead.  But she suddenly and quietly asked to have a go so she was passed Idlewood (which by this time was on the body) and just started knitting with no instruction.  She claims she only did it so that she wouldn’t feel bad when it found its way into her wardrobe later.  But she knit on it as soon as we’d finished dinner, and then again in the car…

Now I’m back and catching up I have a couple of days on my own while Mr Saz is away for work.  The plan is to work on some (ssshhh…. Christmas) sewing projects and maybe alter my Daisy Dress.  Just need to find my seam ripper!


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