free motion drama

Yesterday was a day of sewing excitement and drama – I made this…

I’ve played about with free-motion quilting before on scraps and I took a class in it a few months ago, but this is the first time I’ve done any in a proper project.

I used a tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.  The quilting part was going really well until I stupidly got my finger in the way of the needle on my sewing machine at full speed.  I’m sure you can imagine….its not a vital-for-knitting finger though so not a great disaster.  I got my priorities right though, and started searching for a substantial bandage so I didn’t ruin my fabric.  And I kept going…

This used lots of leftovers from various quilts and dressmaking adventures.  Funny though how you can bring down a big pile of fabric to use, and when you’re done the pile doesn’t seem any smaller.

Success!!  I’m going to go and stash this bag away now for a reappearance at Christmas…


4 thoughts on “free motion drama

  1. Gorgeous! I’m *this* close to starting my sewing obsession. I have the machine and lovely fabric–only missing the knowledge!

    I LOVE the winding quilting lines on this! Very very inspirational!

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