Penny on the subway

I have a new obsession!

I’ve been reading Elizabeth Hartman’s blog Oh Fransson! since before I could sew.  I love her quilts and her blog and her tutorials….  She’s just started a quilt-a-long for her Toyko Subway Map Quilt and I’ve decided to join in.   When this was announced I decided against it – we’re going to be moving house soon so starting a new quilt project didn’t seem sensible. I gave in though, I love it and I have to make one – now.  I’m making this completely from stash fabric so really I’m just reducing the amount of stuff I’ll need to pack.  That’s the theory anyway…

This is the first five blocks and the top row.  Please don’t panic about the dog on the patchwork – Penny had very clean feet (I checked) and was just moving to lie down, she’s very gentle!  She loves to settle down on things like this, I only have to leave the room for a minute and she’s made a nest out of my knitting and fallen asleep.

The pattern for the next two blocks will be available on Monday so I’m going to spend the weekend knitting frantically before I get sucked in by my sewing machine again.


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