the most impressive thing I’ve ever grown

Here it is!

I can’t even describe how excited I was when I discovered this growing under my hedge last week…  I did a dance and jumped about a bit, then Penny started jumping about because she knew something exciting had happened.  I sang a little song in the garden and Penny started whining.

I’ve tried to grow pumpkins every year and the best I’ve ever managed was a couple the size of golf balls which quickly rotted and fell off.  This year, I’d been keeping my eye on a much smaller one growing in the middle of the pumpkin patch, but accidentally snapped it off the plant when showing it off to Mr Saz.  It’s turning nice and orange in my kitchen though so will be good for carving at halloween.  This one though, is about six times the size – here is a (big) chicken for scale…

Bowie (the chicken, doesn’t she look like David Bowie?  Am I crazy?) didn’t seem that impressed…

(Also, now that I’ve taken a photo is doesn’t seem that impressive anymore, it’s better in real life!)



I’m afraid all my interesting crafting has stalled a bit as we get ready to move in two weeks time.  The new house is only a mile down the road but there is lots to do and plan.

I’m sitting too in some of the most horrible driech weather ever so I can’t even take photos of the ENORMOUS pumpkin I discovered growing under my hedge.  It’s the largest, most impressive thing I’ve ever grown and its already destined to become Boxing Day lunch.  In the meantime, here’s a photo of Penguin…