my new garden

My new garden has a few fruit trees, and while we missed most of it, the pears are ready.  The pear tree is higher than the house I think and has dramatically dropped every pear in the last few days.  They’re not good for eating fresh, but are tasty in crumbles and pies.

This is where I plan to start the vegetable garden next year.  As you can probably tell the previous owners didn’t like gardening much (though apparently they did enjoy sitting in it!)  Just behind where this photo was taken is a patch which I intend to cover in fruit bushes, and which the chickens are currently fertilizing for me.

As expected for the time of year, the garden is full of dead things.  I can’t wait to see what happens in spring when life comes back…

Technically not my garden as this is the view from the back fence, and the one we get from our bedroom window.  Sheep and cows share this field and come quite close to our garden.  I am looking forward to the day I get say hello up close.

Our garden has some delightful wee buildings – a greenhouse and a half, a big shed, woodshed, bird boxes as well as lots of compost bins.  If you have any idea what this could be please let me know – my dad has this plant too and we did cut open a fruit once but it didn’t seem either tasty or edible.  This is definitely three fruits stuck together, the rest on the bush are all on their own.


how to knit a sweater in two days

The answer?….knit one for your dog!

I realise that this may take me into the realms of Crazy Dog Lady, but Penny has very short hair and shivers when we go out on frosty mornings.  Soon it will be frosty afternoons too so it was time to knit her a wee jumper.

The pattern is the very appropriately named Big Penny Sweater (ravelry link) from Doggie Knits by Corinne Niessner.  (Even if you don’t have a dog or ever plan on knitting for one, the picture on page 48 is reason enough to get a copy!)

I made a couple of mods – knitting the neck about three times longer so that it could turn over into a collar and not binding off for the back flap section, I just kept going until I ran out of yarn.  The yarn was nothing special – a 75% acrylic and 25% wool blend, but hey, this is for my dog and I’m being realistic.  This thing is going to get covered in mud.

So far I think she likes it.  She definitely seemed warmer and makes no attempt to take it off, she completely ignores it actually.  Success!

lovely lined curtains

Moving house has been a busy business, but things are starting to settle down now.  We still have a huge amount of redecoration to do but the basics are there – we have a nice place to sleep, sit, eat and I have a space to work and craft.

Finished rooms still need some soft furnishings so today I made a start on some curtains for our living room, using a fantastic tutorial from The Purl Bee.

I’ve used some fabric from Ikea which is a nice, heavy cotton and which should hang quite well.  I’m going to be lining these too but hung them up in the meantime to have a look at the length and also just to cover the window.   (I suddenly realised that tonight is Bonfire Night, and Penny can get a little nervous from bangs and lights, so covering this window became a bit more urgent.)

The only mods I’ve made so far were to shorted the deep hem at the bottom and also to make the tabs a bit shorter (8 inches rather than 10) so that the curtain sat a bit higher up.  I’ve also um…not done much measuring…I wanted to make the curtains as big as I could get them so I just straightened up the fabric, cut it exactly in two lengthwise and then started with the instructions.  It all seems fine so far…