lovely lined curtains

Moving house has been a busy business, but things are starting to settle down now.  We still have a huge amount of redecoration to do but the basics are there – we have a nice place to sleep, sit, eat and I have a space to work and craft.

Finished rooms still need some soft furnishings so today I made a start on some curtains for our living room, using a fantastic tutorial from The Purl Bee.

I’ve used some fabric from Ikea which is a nice, heavy cotton and which should hang quite well.  I’m going to be lining these too but hung them up in the meantime to have a look at the length and also just to cover the window.   (I suddenly realised that tonight is Bonfire Night, and Penny can get a little nervous from bangs and lights, so covering this window became a bit more urgent.)

The only mods I’ve made so far were to shorted the deep hem at the bottom and also to make the tabs a bit shorter (8 inches rather than 10) so that the curtain sat a bit higher up.  I’ve also um…not done much measuring…I wanted to make the curtains as big as I could get them so I just straightened up the fabric, cut it exactly in two lengthwise and then started with the instructions.  It all seems fine so far…



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