my Christmas jumper!

I’ve been keeping a bit quiet recently, plodding away with decorating and keeping warm.  The massive amount of snow we’ve had means that my little town has been pretty much cut off – all the trains from here have been suspended and the roads are a bit dodgy for driving.  I’m quite enjoying been tucked up warm indoors and I’ve had Mr Saz working from home in our kitchen for the last two weeks as getting to his office has been impossible.

I am going through a strange knitting phase of only working on one thing at a time, very unlike me!  I managed to coax my photographer outside this afternoon for a photoshoot of several things I’ve finished recently.  My absolute favourite though is my New Christmas Jumper!

The pattern is Anney by Emily Johnston from the spring/summer issue of Twist Collective.  I have a complete knitting-crush on Emily Johnston, I love her designs, the Family Trunk project idea and the way she writes her patterns.  They’re full of cute details, I was able to practice my crochet on this one.  I’m putting this away now until Christmas Day, I think it’ll be perfect for wearing while feeding 10+ bodies a big dinner very close to a log fire…

(Aagh, just noticed that the top photo features my now permanent ‘decorators-hands’ which are splattered with white gloss that I’m struggling to remove…gah)


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