10 days knitting

Mr Saz and I have just got back from holiday, after a very strange and frustrating journey home, to be greeted by leaping and licking dogs and a newly painted hallway.  We’ve been in the US since the start of the year visiting Portland in Oregon, New York and Washington DC.  It was lovely and cold which suits me and my knitwear perfectly, but I was plagued by terrible jetlag I just couldn’t beat.  It seems to get worse with every trip.

However, my many sleepless nights mean that I got a lot of knitting done, to the point where I actually would have run out of yarn if I hadn’t been shopping a little while I was there.  Here is a truly terrible photo of my new blocking queue (but Penny’s ear looks funny so I like it.)

This little pile includes designs that I’ve had in my queue for a long time, in some of my favourite yarns ever.  (The pink thing in particular is a sweater knitted in Wollmeise – oh yes!)  More details once some blocking magic has happened and we get reunited with Scottish daylight…

8 thoughts on “10 days knitting

  1. I so hoped you liked Portland. I grew up south of there! I met you in Edinburgh two summers ago, when I discovered your angora yarn. This week I knit a chemo hat from some of the stash I bought. The recipient loved it!!! Hope the rest of your trip went well. And jet lag will disappear. Allow a day for each hour of change. It was quite a challenge for me that summer I came to Scotland, to arrive one day, and golf the next. But it was Scotland!! Golf!!!. LOL

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