fabric and a fairytale cushion

I count myself very lucky that I work for someone with incredible taste in fabric and a pretty sizeable (to me, anyway) fabric stash.  I was given a lovely bundle for Christmas…

Some of my favourites include:

and chickens!

I went with this one though for my latest quickie sewing project though.  It matches my office perfectly and works with my current pale aqua/blue and chocolate brown obsession*

I used the original cushion as a template for the corners, sewed the two pieces together with right sides facing and left the back open.  I then sewed some ribbon directly onto the original cushion and hand stitched the opening shut.  The original had been sewn through at four points so I did the same by adding some wee buttons.  The other side is some plain brown wool I had leftover from a skirt.  (Actually, it’s a few brown pieces sewn together to get a piece big enough!)

If I were doing this again and I’ve the top fabric the other way round, it feels a bit upside down.  Penny was unimpressed…

*a particular colour combination obsession is a very dangerous thing when you’re decorating your entire house!

One thought on “fabric and a fairytale cushion

  1. Such gorgeous fabric, I can’t even decide which I like best! And I think you chose the perfect match for your chair, for some reason it has a ‘classic’ feel to me.

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