Dr Walker’s house

Many years ago our house was the local doctor’s surgery for our town.  It was actually built specifically for him, mainly as his home with a surgery and waiting room to the side.  There are still bits of evidence…

(Please excuse the blurriness, and my reflection!)  This sits above the door in the kitchen and the bells are all still in the rooms though they don’t work, sadly.  Our house isn’t of an age where bells would normally be fitted, so this must have been something Dr Walker requested as it was built.

What used to be the surgery is now a utility room, and this is my next project.  It’s really horrible just now – paper peeling off the walls, stained lino, lots of weird fixtures.  I plan to transform this at the weekend by painting the presently hidden concrete floor a pale blue/grey, stripping the walls and painting some white and one some kind of colour, sprucing up and moving the shelving that I like and ditching the rest.  I will be delighted to get rid of the flooring.  While the pattern is almost acceptable in that it looks a bit like knitting close up, it’s really horrible.I seem to spend quite a bit of time in here, doing laundry, blocking things and feeding dogs.  I wonder about where the doctors desk was and what went on in here, and what kind of good and bad news was delivered to the people in our town.

To the right of the doorway is the old waiting room.  The wallpaper was recently stripped to uncover a concreted-up opening – this used to be the main door to the waiting room.  Patients would walk up the side of the house along a path which is still there, to wait in this room before being called through to the doctor.

This is currently being used for storage, obviously!  (Mr Saz will be horrified that I’ve put this photo on the internet.)

It’s nice living somewhere that holds a lot of memories for the town, I’ve spoken to people who remember coming to the doctor here, and a friend of my father-in-law remembers being chased off the roof as it was being built when him and his friend had snuck on the building site to play as boys.  Now back to the decorating…


6 thoughts on “Dr Walker’s house

  1. My grandfather’s house (which was also his own doctor’s surgery as well until about 15 years ago) has the same bell panel thingy! How cool!

  2. Hiya,

    I’m a Australian Gal who had the pleasure of meeting you in Feb 2009 at the Knit1 Shop in Edinburgh. I have been a little silent but have kept up with your blog. So exciting to see your new home, from what it was and what it is becoming. Very nice of you to share! Lovely projects to view and I get impatience to see what you are doing next.


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