laundry room crafting – part 1

As the laundry room decoration nears completion I’ve started doing a little crafting to furnish it.  (I realise that getting excited about having a laundry room decorated is a little bit strange.  I spend a lot of time there though and trust me, it was minging.)

So for today, here’s something I didn’t make.

This was made by my crafty maternal grandmother who gave it to me recently.  It’s full of many teeny tiny stitches and the detail is lovely.  I used to do lots of cross-stitch when I was a teenager so as soon as I saw it I felt it had to be displayed somewhere.

I didn’t even notice the little doilies hanging of the shelves until I looked back through these photos.  And the teacup!

This is my favourite bit though, and is something I’m going to try to recreate for a little sewing corner in the room.

Yep!  A teeny pin cushion!

6 thoughts on “laundry room crafting – part 1

  1. Hi Sarah,

    Just sitting at the kitchen table browsing through your profile. The laudry room looks great and Gran’s cross stitch is quite beautiful.

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