bigger projects

Since the start of the year I’ve seem to have been working on things that have only taken a few days to complete.  This is fun and very satisfying, but I do have some bigger, long-term projects that I’m starting to think about.

Tonight I’m going to pick up again with the first one –

More roving from my fibre binge at Woolfest 2009, but corridale this time.  I bought 400g of this, spun 100g the week after I got home and the rest has sat ever since.  I always intended to knit this up into a sweater, and now I know exactly which one.  I’m going to pair this up with some handspun shetland in pale blue, and knit myself a two-colour Chickadee (ravelry link), one of the sweaters from Ysolda’s new book, Little Red in the City.  Save just one, by the time it’s published in March I’ll have knit every pattern as samples or test knits, which is great, except I don’t get to keep them of course!  This one though will be all mine..

My other big plans are all quilting related.  I’m musing over plans for a king-size quilt with lots of hand-embroidery as a special gift for someone this year.  I’ve also decided to make another quilt twice, (and in the same colours), because it is perfect for someone else but I also really want one too.  I’m going to try and do them both simultaneously – is this a crazy plan?

6 thoughts on “bigger projects

  1. I’m doing something similar with Veylas at the moment. Two of my friends requested them (each with their own small tweaks) and I decided to do them simultaneously. I did all four cuffs first and I’m feeling very pleased with myself now!

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