a very productive sunday

I made some new cushion covers for my sister, fabric is from Ikea (again) –

I thought a lot about the garden, and started some herb and salad seeds indoors –

I finished off the back of my Arielle sweater by Kim Hargreaves and blocked it straight away so I could admire it properly –

I managed to finish spinning part of my February challenge, 100g of corridale roving for my Chickadee (ravelry link).  I’ve decided to do a full four-colour version, all from handspun so I’m going to get some fibre in my dyepot for the contrast colours later in the week.

And I almost finished my Simmer Dim (ravelry link), by Gudrun Johnston.  Knowing her in real life is starting to make my geeky tendency to knit or plan to knit everything she designs a little bit embarrassing…

And while doing all the above I planned a new patchwork project.  I’m going to make the Bricks and Stones quilt from Red Pepper Quilts, but four times the size.  I’m going to adapt the pattern a little so its bigger (obviously!) and the borders go right round the centre postage stamp section.

Tomorrow though I should have a new little quilt to show you which is a great example of exactly how not to do it!

3 thoughts on “a very productive sunday

  1. OK since I spent most of my weekend coughing and being ill on the sofa I’m very jealous of your weekend. Especially the gardening bit….. Can’t wait to see the quilts.

  2. I love Gudrun’s designs too. Because they are all beautiful and seamless.
    Right now I have almost all “The shetland trader” book in my queue…

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