Penny’s quilt revealed…kinda…

We’ve taken in rescue dogs for years and always been a no-animals-on-the-sofa kind of house.  We’ve started to cave in recently though for Penny as she’s the first smallish dog we’ve had who actually likes coming up, and sometimes its just nice to have her up for a cuddle, and to snigger when her snoring drowns out out the tv.

I wanted to teach her though that she’s only allowed up to cuddle, and not whenever she feels like it and when we’re not there.  Part of the reason for this is that it seems like good manners, and we have leather sofas from our pre-vegetarian days which I don’t really want covered in scratch marks.

Penny’s learnt that she can come up when she’s invited, and if there’s something been laid out for her to curl up on.  I realised that the thing we were reaching for was my Brown Bunnies Quilt, which quite frankly, is a bit too nice to get covered in dog hair.

I used this reasoning to convince myself that I had to make her a little quilt of her own.  So a couple of weekends ago I started playing around with some strips of blue, grey and natural leftovers.

This seemed like a genius plan – sew lots of strips together, then slice the top at a 90 degree angle into more strips, stagger them, then sew them together again.

It worked, except that once I had sewn together the first long strips I realised something.  I am VERY bad at cutting long straight lines, especially if the edges I was working from were never straight in the first place.  (I also used some stretchy fabric and sewed it all together a bit quickly, which didn’t help!)

I carried on with the constant mantra of ‘it’s for Penny, she’s not going to care.’  Once the new strips had been staggered and re-sewn together it was so squint I couldn’t even take a photo.  It’s embarrassing.

I just did my best to square it off and added a white border to make it a bit bigger.  I quilted and trimmed it, and then added a machine-sewn binding today.  This thing is so curvy it’s almost funny.  There are many other things wrong with it which I’m not going to go into, but this has taught me a lot!  The main thing though is that Penny loves it, she mooched about unhappily when I took it away to sew on the binding, then went and sat in the next room in a huff.  There is no avoiding my Official Crazy Dog Lady status now!


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