designing is not for me

Back when I worked in a knitting shop I used to be occasionally persuaded into writing patterns for some of the more unusual yarns we sold that had no pattern support.  It led to a little phase (and one that has long-ago passed and never returned) of designing things.  My main problem with designing is that I absolutely detest writing up patterns.  I prefer to leave it to the experts, who design things much nicer and fun to knit that I ever could, and who write directions much better than I could ever attempt myself.  What’s the point in doing it myself when there are so many other, better things to knit?

During this brief phase I did design a sock pattern, which I only knit one of and discovered the other day sitting lonely beside the leftover yarn at the bottom of a box.  Amazingly, I am managed to find my notes too so I’ve decided to get them finished.  The yarn is from Old Maiden Aunt and I think called Sour (though it doesn’t look like the Sour colourway on the website today – this yarn is a few years old!).  I’m not sure what it’s made of exactly but there’s bamboo in there somewhere.  The yarn is too nice not to have sitting in my very-old-WIP-box unloved.  Here’s a wee peek at the first one.  Also, I can feel a green phase coming on.

(And in case anyone asks, I will not be writing up a pattern for this!)


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