my first quilt

I’m just back from a lovely weekend visiting my parents who still live in the house I grew up in, in the Scottish Highlands.  We had some beautiful early Spring weather so I helped my Dad with some gardening, clearing away old growth and giving some bushes and hedges a pretty serious haircut.  (It turns out when I have both a power hedge-cutter and sharp saw I can get a bit carried away!)

I remembered this time too to take some photos of the first quilt I made which was a present for my mum.  This sampler quilt was a beginner project in classes at my local quilting shop and was supposed to be a nine-block quilt but I wanted it a bit bigger.  I ended up making twice the number of blocks, then an extra two to make a 4×5 block lap quilt.

After having a good look at it I’ve realised that since I made this my quilting skills have signficantly improved, but my piecing has gone a bit downhill.  This probably has something to do with my teacher supervising a lot of the cutting and patchwork!  My standards seem to have slipped a bit.

This quilt has lots of nice points and straight lines.  The quilt top I’m working on at the moment is a little bit crazy (I’ll show more later) so once that’s done I’m going to start on something with a bit more skill required, and try and brush up on my piecing technique.

To go with this quilt I made a couple of cushion covers, just by replicating my favourite Trip Around The World block in the lap quilt.  It’s made me want to do the same for my current quilt-in-progress.  There will be a peak tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “my first quilt

  1. I love how you are blogging more frequently now about your crafty pursuits. It’s so exciting to see! I’ve never done a proper quilt before, but maybe one of these days I’ll have enough time to give one a go. Beautiful work for your first quilt!

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