knitting in the dark

Now that I think about it, this seems more than a bit illogical.  I had a cinema trip coming up and needed something to knit in the dark.  For times like this, I always go for multi-coloured or striping yarn, because if I’m knitting plain socks I need some colour change or I get bored.  Um…it doesn’t seem to matter that I will be knitting them in the dark

I started these at the weekend in some Noro Silk Garden Sock, and by the time The King’s Speech had finished the colours had changed from pink to blue to dark green to bright green and then to purple.  And I missed it.  Because it was dark.  Obviously!

I do love them though.  I haven’t knit with Noro since my days sample knitting in the yarn shop and I was never that keen.  I think I found that the random changes in texture and bits of straw took a bit more concentration, and that’s not something I want when I’m knitting a plain pattern (which is what I’m always going to knit with striping Noro.)

This is a super-thick sock yarn so I’ve got up a couple of needle sizes and adjusted my in-my-head sock pattern a bit.  They’re coming out lovely and dense but not too stiff.  I just kinda wish I’d made these months ago when our house was buried in snow…

5 thoughts on “knitting in the dark

  1. I’m impressed that you did the heel flap! I knit in the dark when I take my kids to the movies, but it’s usually just garter or stockinette or in the round. I always think it would be fun to have some of those lighted needles, but then again, you never know what will be on the needles when a movie date comes up…

  2. I don’t think it’s illogical to choose a multicoloured yarn for your cinema knitting. After all, you don’t finish a pair of socks in one evening, while at the cinema. Or do you? So you will spend the rest of the time with the project actually seeing it… and then, colour changes are very welcome to keep you interested!

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