a quilting marathon

I have a large quilting project looming, so before I get started next week I wanted to try and clear a couple of current projects to make some room.  Earlier this week I had the house to myself for a couple of days, so I dragged my sewing machine and bits out of my craft room and down to the dining room table.

The quilt hanging over the back of the door is the one made from my Moda Freebird fabric, but it’s a gift for someone who I think reads my blog so that’s as much as I’m going to show just now!

The big pile of pink was supposed to be a Christmas gift but it didn’t quite happen in time…  Nevertheless, it is now quilted and almost ready to be given next time.  It’s the most heavily quilted piece I’ve done with lots of free-motion and straight lines spiraling round the border – I love it.

I’m glad I got some practice in with Penny’s quilt first as quilting this way feels so much more natural now.  I find it quite hard on my hands and wrists, though I’m sure this is to do with my self-taught technique.  I think I’ll find a more comfortable way eventually.

I even managed to sew the binding onto both.  I have another trip up north to my parents planned next week (with Penny this time, so there will be dog walking on the beach!), and I’m going to take both quilts up with me and try to get the binding hand-sewn down away from the distraction of my sewing machine, we’ll see…  This is going to be a busy month, my basket of projects with March deadlines is overflowing already!

8 thoughts on “a quilting marathon

  1. Sounds like a fun few days! Our new place actually has a dining room table, so I can finally sew without sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. Do you have a long arm quilting machine or are you working with a normal sewing machine to do your quilting?

    • I use a normal sewing machine for quilting, its a Bernina and I went for one that’s a good size so that there’s plenty space for getting rolls of quilts through. Her name is Julia 🙂

  2. What a beautiful quilt! Can’t wait to see the one on the door in it’s finished state. Makes me want to try quilting……one day.

  3. i love it! When i’ve moved and found my sewing machine will you take me shopping for fabric so i can make something beautiful for my new home? I haven’t done patchwork in FOREVER but i’m really inspired to have a go again. And that quiliting is delicious – i must get you to demonstrate!!!

  4. You must post pics of you dog walking on the beach! Your dogs are so lucky that you can be home a lot to be with them and even QUILT for them (Penny). What model Bernina did you get? I got a Bernette 92c which does everything I need at the moment, but I think Berninas are the best sewing machines out there at the moment..especially the high end ones. Thanks for sharing your quilting projects…love seeing them!

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