the vegetable garden

I’m afraid there wasn’t much crafting this weekend, apart from a little sock knitting and some late night spinning.  We spent a lot of yesterday outside in the garden clearing an overgrowth patch and then moving our chickens into it before I build their permanent run around it next weekend.  (Can you spot the dust-bathing chicken?  I love it when they do that.)

This is right next to where the vegetable garden will be, which in my head I picture as a tidy but lush and leafy place, covered in edible lovelies.  Hopefully by the summer this is what we’ll see, rather than a big mess with big piles of rotting grass, a broken greenhouse frame and some old tyres.

There was obviously a vegetable garden here at one time as I’ve found little paths running through it and along the edges of the beds.

There are already things growing.  There is an enormous patch of rhubarb (we saw these plants at their leafy-biggest last year when we came to view the house), wild strawberries and flowers too.

Tomorrow though Penny and I travel up north so the garden will have to wait for a while.  Being able to work from anywhere has some fantastic advantages – beach walks and sea air! getting fed cake! knitting and sewing with my mum!  Hurray!

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