pink pansy quilt

Finished!  And by that I mean that even the loose threads are sewn in…  We’re still lacking in sunshine here but at least its stopped raining so a misty photoshoot will have to do.

This felt like the quickest quilt ever, I put the top and back together in an afternoon when I was unwell last summer, then put it away and forgot about it.  Then a couple of weeks ago after some free-motion practice on Penny’s quilt it was time to try it on something big…

This is the fabric that started it all – some Liberty (I think) from Ysolda.  I had a teeny piece of this, and at the time this pattern based on little 4-piece blocks was a popular sample in my quilt shop.  The original was made entirely of different prints with pansies on, and this lovely fabric made me want to try it too.  I also had a large amount of pink fabric at the time (I am officially naming last summer the Summer Of Pink 2010).

I wanted to do some straight line quilting too, so went for a spiral round the border.  I love the sharp points this made in the corners.  For this part though something wasn’t quite right with the tension so little dots of the pink thread I was using in the bobbin poked up to the top.  I really liked it though so left it alone – I had looked originally for a very pale creamy pink to use here but hadn’t been able to find one and this kind of gives the same kind of effect.

Here’s the back –

A little squinty but overall I’m happy.  I think this had something to do with a blunt rotary cutter combined with an illness which meant I wasn’t supposed to go outside (to the quilt shop, or anywhere else), so I might have just folded the back in half and cut it roughly with scissors.  (Sssshhhhh…..).  The pink backing fabric is a Rowan/Westminster Fibers one I think which I bought at Twist Fibre Craft in Fife to make a skirt but chickened out.

I was really indecisive about the binding.  I wanted to keep it pink because the quilt is for someone who loves pink as much as I did in the Summer Of Pink 2010.  But I struggled to find something that was a nice contrast with the front, and with the back too.  In the end I caved and went for a chocolate brown solid.

It feels so good to get something big like this finished.  It’s already hidden away for Christmas so I’m hoping that if the person it’s for reads this they’ll have forgotten about it by the time they unwrap it and be surprised.

And an obligatory dog photo as Penny investigates…



14 thoughts on “pink pansy quilt

  1. You’ve done a beautiful job. This quilt looks amazing. I can’t imagine the hours of work behind these pictures. I hope the recipient will be very happy with such a perfect gift.

  2. Thats really beautful – I wish I had the patience with sewing. It’s all I can do usually to finish off my knitted garments properly.
    Really gorgeous and I love the colours.

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