little squares

Now that my quilting marathon is finished, I’m back to some patchwork.  Just now this involves nothing but piecing little squares together.

A week ago I went back to my Tokyo Subway Map quilt – I started this during the Oh Fransson! quilt-a-long in the summer but fell behind as we moved house.  I’m trying to do a block every day or so with the aim of quilting it next month, ready for a another wave of  family coming to stay.

So far I’ve ten of the 25 blocks done and sewn together, and I love the overall effect.

As usual Penny jumped on it…

Elizabeth Hartman is giving away the original Tokyo Subway Map to raise money for the relief efforts in Japan, please go and have a look.

My other project will be my biggest quilt yet – a variation of Bricks and Stones from Red Pepper Quilts.  I bought the pattern as inspiration, and plan on making it four times the size, with the idea that the quilt pattern is one corner.  So really, I’m making this entire pattern four times and then sewing them together with the borders going right the way round the edges.  This is another semi-secret project until it’s gifted at the end of April, so this is all I’ll show just now –

I think I underestimated how long piecing over 900 little squares would take.  This isn’t going as quickly as I’d like, this section though is the majority of the quilt though as well as the most time consuming.  That’s what I keep telling myself anyway…

Although I seem to blog about nothing about quilting, I do still knit!  I’ve been busy working on a new sample for work, but should hopefully have some finished things to talk about next week.


One thought on “little squares

  1. Stopping during my big lurk on your blog, to say, dangit… I’m ready to start up quilting where I left off. Can you believe I made and basted together a king-sized bed quilt, intending to hand quilt in-bed a little at a time ? I’ve been using it on the bed, basted in white thread ever since… and that was summer of 2009. Also the same year I got heavily into knitting (Autumn of 09). Knitting has become an obsession while quilting took to the back burners… now, well, it’s time to cook up something with it, finally ! Thank you for your inspiration 🙂

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