lots of blue

I felt it coming on a while ago, and now I am firmly in a Very Blue Phase.  This time it’s spilled over into all my crafting, not just the knitting as normal.  It’s not a problem so far, I have lots of blue yarn and fabric and when I’m bored of it I’ll move onto something else.  (I suspect grey.)

Right now I’ve been knitting lots of swatches, more swatches than I have ever knit for a project before.  I’m almost settled, just one more to try…

I spin…

I dream about one of the next sweaters I’m going to make.  Finishing up the pale blue shetland fibre on my wheel will mean I can start to swatch the colourwork for the yoke, below is the rest of my handspun, waiting…

When I can catch a sneaky moment where concentration is possible I work away at the edging on a new shawl…

And the Blue Phase as almost completely taken over my sewing too.  This is the back of a quick project from this week, the front has a lot more blue but I’ll wait to show it properly until, um, Mother’s Day has passed on Sunday.

As I type this I’m realising that this isn’t even the full extent of the Blue Phase.  There is blue wool fabric for a blue dress next week, and a recently completed blue sweater to be photographed at the weekend…


3 thoughts on “lots of blue

  1. Oooh, may I ask what the yarn you’re using for the swatch and the shawl is? I always find myself reaching for blues as well, and these are scrumptious 🙂

      • Thanks! Both are yarns that I’ve been tempted to try, so maybe I should give in to temptation and get one of them in blue 🙂

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