for mum

I ended up doing some very rushed late-night stitching last week after realising that Mother’s Day was only three days away, and getting a present to my mum means posting it.  Hmmm.

I’ve been getting really inspired by Completely Cauchy’s blog recently, and especially this fantastic mini-quilt in black and white.  There was a pile of red and aqua fabric sitting on my cutting mat and I figured I’d make a couple of pot holders.  I made my mum the same thing last year (I think it was actually the very first thing I stitched on my lovely new Bernina, I certainly remember it was the first time I’d tried the walking foot!).  She seemed to like them, and use them, and she likes crazy colour combinations.  And so…

The aqua is Kona Cotton in Azure, and the red is various scraps, some Moda and some that I picked up at Rebecca Ringquist‘s stall at Squam last June.  For the back I used some Liberty cotton* that I picked up at the V&A Museum in London after seeing their Quilt exhibition.

As usual there are several dodgy bits – this whole project was a bit rushed and I stitched down most the binding at my knit night.  And I really wanted to eat some cake.  But it didn’t get done though and had to take my chocolate brownie home…  My mum seems to like them though which I guess is the main thing!

*Oh man.  I just clicked that link to check and all the fabric is on sale.  Now I am planning dress pattern/fabric combinations…


8 thoughts on “for mum

  1. You evil woman. I’ve just spent far too much time in the V&A online shop after declaring I shan’t ever quilt again.. hmm.

    And I love the aqua/red combination. Does that make me crazy too?

    • Heehee! Sorry! and whoops I didn’t mean that people who like red and aqua are crazy, it’s just that my mum will combine this with the pink and peach and green and brown that is in her kitchen already 😉

      • Yes…Sarah is quite right. I like colour. Whether it matces or not…bothers me not. If Sarah has made it it is beautiful and these pot holders are the most used item in my kitchen! Thank you!

  2. Those are beautiful! I now want to make some for my mom, now (and luckily US mothers’ day falls a few weeks after UK mothers’ day so this might even be feasible! I was wondering if you might answer a couple of questions though:
    1. what is on the inside (batting?) does it have to be some special heat-resistant lining for pot-holders?
    2. Would you recommend that such potholders (with perhaps a bit simpler pattern) could be attempted (without too many tears/frustration) by a rank beginner? (which, as you may surmise from question #1, is what I am)…

    Thanks – they really are gorgeous, as are all of the other projects you’ve written about here!

    • Well, in the inside I just use normal cotton quilting batting. It’s a good point about the heat-resistant issue – my mum uses the ones I made her last year with the same insides and has never reported any problems. She uses them though for grabbing pot handles I think, more than sitting pots on. You might want to do some research online and see what general opinion on this is, but batting is fine for my mum’s use of them.

      The first ones I made last year were as simple as you can get – simple one square of fabric on each side with no piecing whatsoever. I quilted diagonal straight lines across and then added the binding and they looked great. A log cabin would be good too, they’re lovely and straightforward, but it’s such a small thing its great to experiment.

      • Super – thank you so much for the tips & the inspiration! I will dive in & give it a go (on a simple version). Have been looking around online a bit & seems like people either use thermal batting or a system of layering some batting along with canvas and/or flannel layers on the inside. Thanks again!

  3. Hi Saz, I’ve somehow missed out on looking at your blog for a while, and have just caught up on your last 6 posts. What a busy bee you are! I never realised you did so much quilting. They are all beautiful, I especially like the Free bird quilt. And you’re now sewing some quite complex clothes too. I remember you making your red clothkits skirt, one of your first sewing forays. Loved reading about it all – keep at it, and see you soon.

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