a new dress

My sewing time seems to be almost completely taken up with patchwork and quilting thes days, but I’ve decided to be brave and try again with a little dressmaking.

I had such fun making Macaron last summer so I’ve gone for another Colette pattern, Rooibos.  When Penny and I were up north last month I picked up some lovely soft pale blue wool, and a little of a cotton print that it turns out is almost identical to the fabric used to make my mum’s knitting basket.  (My mum just started using her basket again recently, but I remember it always being beside her chair when I was very small.)

I’ve been working away at this very slowly, and really enjoying it.  Just like last time the directions are nicely written and fairly straighforward.  For me, this dress seems easier to make than Macaron, and I love the way the facings are attached round the armholes, it’s genius!  (And maybe completely normal to experienced dressmakers but I was pretty impressed…)

Yesterday I finished up the bodice.

The fit is good so far, I might take in the back a little by increasing the height of the darts but apart from that I’m happy.  Tomorrow….pockets!

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