two sweater fails are now two cushions

I’ve been panicking a little recently about the size of my Ravelry queue.  I am addicted to organising my queue and genuinely plan to knit everything on it.  Of course the best plan seemed to just knit up all the small and quick things listed to make some space.  And it would have worked, if the new Twist Collective hadn’t been released…

I started with a couple of cushions.

The top is some Noro Silk Garden Chunky, which used to be this sweater (rav link).  I knit it up a few years ago as a sample for the LYS I worked in, and then when it was time to take it home it sat in the back of my wardrobe unloved.  I didn’t really like the design and it didn’t fit, so I ripped it.

This pattern for the top of the cushion is a blanket design, Randig by Orianna Eklund which I worked as written until just 16 increase rows had been completed and bound off.

I pinned the square directly onto a larger piece of backing, sewed it together along three edges with the wrong sides together, stuffed the cushion pad inside, sewed it shut and trimmed.

I don’t think I’ve ever written about the story of this cushion’s backing, I was too ashamed of myself and I’m still not quite over it.  Remember my Idlewood? (Ravelry link)  Well there was a bit of an incident where I’d convinced myself it was superwash, hand-washed it anyway to be careful and then put in the dryer for five minutes to get some of the water out.  My only excuse is that it was the first time I’d ever had a dryer of my own.  Actually, that’s not even an excuse.  I can’t even imagine now how I could think this was an excellent plan.

I feel really sad about it happening to this sweater in particular.  I knit it with yarn that was a present when I left my job in the LYS (which I really enjoyed), it was a joint project as my mum knit the hood.  Part of the body was my sister’s first (and only) piece of knitting.  I wore it constantly as I got ready to move house, and I wore it the day we moved.  And I wore it the day we moved the chickens to their new home, which is why I’d had to wash it in the first place.  Usually I’m not too fussed about what happens to finished objects as I’m more excited by the process, but I feel unusually sad about this.  I think I’ll just have to knit it again.  My buddy Fiona was working on one at my knit night yesterday in some beautiful Manos Wool Classica…hmmmm…..

Anyway!…at least now the sweater isn’t completely wasted.  And my favourite thing about these cushions is that I kept the pockets.

(If you’d like a laugh, have a look at this picture, taken just after The Incident.  And remember that Penny is not a large dog.)


6 thoughts on “two sweater fails are now two cushions

  1. Oh gosh, that is a funny photo of her with the tiny sweater 🙂 Make a new one! You’re such a fast knitter, I’m sure it’d be done in no time! Though it wouldn’t help get your queue under control…

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