too much?

Usually I am a typical knitter when I travel and fill half my suitcase with yarn, and then never touch most of it.  Last time though, back in January I came close to running out and was actually forced to cast on with souvenir purchases – eek!

On Monday I go off on a wee work trip, to meet up with Ysolda, go to Squam(!) and then onto TNNA in Ohio.  I started planning what to take.  These are only the new projects, there are several WIPS coming along as well…

The top left, clockwise, – dark blue home-dyed sock for Parade, a skein of Wollmeise Merino Sock for Solan, two skeins of Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply for a Honeybee Cardigan, two skeins of Quince & Co Chickadee for some Mirry Dancers, and a skein of Ripples Sock for Stricken, the June pattern in the Knit.Sock.Love knit-a-long.

And already on my needles and packed is a large cream Ishbel, a pair of Rhombus in my green sock yarn dyed at Old Maiden Aunt, and my Laar.

And then already in my suitcase…my almost completed Laika, a new pattern from Little Red in the City.  I couldn’t posssibly be any happer with this sweater – the fit is perfect, the yarn is lovely and it’s really fun to make.  I’ve only got the sleeves to go but I’m leaving this until I arrive as it’s a bit much to take on the plane.  Already I’m planning another one, in Yarn Yard Clan, with a narrower band and zipper…

It seems like a lot, and it is, but jetlag gives me so many more awake hours in the day I figure I’d better be prepared!

the only thing i can crochet

Last summer I started to work on a second Granny Square blanket, after the success of one I’d made for my grandmother the previous Christmas.  I planned this one in blues, greys and natural leftovers but ran into a couple of fatal problems.

One – I ran out of yarn.
Two – I got bored.

The miniature blanket languished in a heap for a while and then I suddenly decided to use it to cover the cushion on top of an Ikea storage box, which was looking a bit grubby and was going to be difficult to wash.

The crochet piece is actually a square, but super-stretchy so I managed to make it work on a rectangular cover.  I just pinned it on top of the cushion and sewed it down along the edges.

I really like it though, and it makes want to learn a bit more crochet.  I might try something with hexagons next, or maybe some little bowls for my sewing bits.  Penny likes it too – I started to take some photos and noticed some evidence that my dog buddy has been enjoying it when I’m out.  And then as soon as I opened the door she flew in and jumped right on it.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend, I plan to bake a large cake this afternoon to start it off properly.  And please send happy thoughts to our favourite chicken (ssshhh, don’t tell the others) Penguin, who is unwell at the moment and currently being hand-fed in the kitchen.  Poor chook.

dyeing with lilith

I’ve had another wave of family and friends visiting, and this week I met my lovely friend Kate and her husband Jason in West Kilbride and visited Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt for a dyeing workshop in her studio.

We started off with mini-skeins of lots of different bases, forcing ourselves to take notes so we could recreate our favourite colours on full skeins later.

My favourite was the pale blue third from the left in the mini-skein photo, so I got a full skein of that going.  It starts with a pale blue grey before being adding a little jade to brighten in up.  I also went for a couple skeins of sock yarn in the green and orange – being part of a Ravelry group that’s knitting every pair of Cookie’s socks from Knit.Sock.Love is seriously denting by already limited sock yarn stash…

Kate dyed sweater quantities of some of the beautiful colours ever, she had exact colours in mind so did a bit of experimenting to get what she imagined.  I wish I’d sneaked a couple of skeins into her dyepot!

Lilith’s about to move into a bigger studio down the road, but her current space is lovely and packed with gorgeous yarn –

We drove home super-happy, and now my laundry room smells like wet wool…mmmmm!

simplicity 2593

My dressmaking kick since finishing Rooibos doesn’t seem to have faded quite yet, so I reached for another pattern today, Cynthia Rowley 2593 Simplicity

I made this from the teeniest piece of fabric ever, and I’m not even sure what it is.  I picked it up in the remnants bin at Mandors last year, it’s a little shiny and floaty and stretchy, and lovely for summer.

I went for the simple vest option (B) which is just a back, a gathered front and that’s about it.  I managed to scrape together enough fabric to make the neckline binding, but even if I’d attempted patchwork the leftovers wouldn’t have been big enough to cut armhole edgings.

The armholes and bottom edge are finished with a little turned hem.  The fit is lovely, I might even see if I can find some more fabric for another version tomorrow.

(Sorry, puppy photos may become compulsory…)  And my cardigan is my most-worn and best-loved knitted garment, Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnson.


Here is Rooibos…from Colette Patterns

I started this a few weeks ago with the aim of having a new entirely hand-made outfit for a big family occasion, in honour of my crafty Gran and my Grandpa.

Just two days before the event its current state would have resulting in me being arrested for indecency, but I knuckled down just a few hours into my holiday, cut and sewed all the skirt and pocket pieces.  The hem was done and (most) of the seams were finished inside with just an hour to go, while I very carefully tried not to drip black hair-dye all over it.

The making of this was pretty simple.  I got a bit muddled with the directions for attaching the facing around the neckline and have a feeling that I missed something somewhere.  Other than that though I had no problems, the fit is nice and the fabric is lovely.  My darts at the back will need a bit of tweaking…going to wait until my mum comes back for another visit next week and I’ll arm her with pins!

In the end though I didn’t get my outfit done as I’d hoped – my Laar cardigan with was supposed to go with it was never going to be finished in time.  I forgot that it was knitted with laceweight…  On the day I paired Rooibos with my recently completed Homin shawl (rav link), which my mum has now added to her knitted-gift-wish-list (and then called me again yesterday to remind me that she’s like one!)

Happy Anniversary Gran and Grandpa!