Ever since the first issue I’ve loved Twist Collective, but some reason the new issue was full of gems that I can to start right away.  The majority of my week off at home was spent at my sewing machine, but I managed to sneak in a bit of knitting while chatting to my visiting family (because sitting at my Bernina looked a bit anti-social…)

For three days this was my obsession –

The design is Lumen by Sandi Rosner, in Rowan Purelife Cotton 4ply.  The pattern itself has three different versions, and I enjoyed making this so much that I intend to try them all, many times.  This is the daisy stitch version with a few modifications.  If you’re interested my notes are up on Ravelry, but the main difference is that I used an existing lampshade as the starting point, and worked the knitting to fit over it.

The week before, I knit Avivah by Mary-Heather Cogar, in Cascade Heritage Solid Sock Yarn –

It was something about the deep cuff and the the way the pattern flows up into it that made me cast these on straight away.  This pattern did everything differently from the way I usually like to knit socks, so it was fun to refresh my memory with short row toes and toe up gusset heels.

And then last night I blocked Trosseau by Carol Feller, in Spud and Chloe Fine

This shawl is huge…..

And I’m not even done with the issue yet.  As soon as I can free up some sock needles I’m going to start Parade in some of my home-dyed sock yarn.  And then I’ll be done.  Maybe.


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