Here is Rooibos…from Colette Patterns

I started this a few weeks ago with the aim of having a new entirely hand-made outfit for a big family occasion, in honour of my crafty Gran and my Grandpa.

Just two days before the event its current state would have resulting in me being arrested for indecency, but I knuckled down just a few hours into my holiday, cut and sewed all the skirt and pocket pieces.  The hem was done and (most) of the seams were finished inside with just an hour to go, while I very carefully tried not to drip black hair-dye all over it.

The making of this was pretty simple.  I got a bit muddled with the directions for attaching the facing around the neckline and have a feeling that I missed something somewhere.  Other than that though I had no problems, the fit is nice and the fabric is lovely.  My darts at the back will need a bit of tweaking…going to wait until my mum comes back for another visit next week and I’ll arm her with pins!

In the end though I didn’t get my outfit done as I’d hoped – my Laar cardigan with was supposed to go with it was never going to be finished in time.  I forgot that it was knitted with laceweight…  On the day I paired Rooibos with my recently completed Homin shawl (rav link), which my mum has now added to her knitted-gift-wish-list (and then called me again yesterday to remind me that she’s like one!)

Happy Anniversary Gran and Grandpa!


7 thoughts on “rooibos

  1. I have ordered “Eclair” a few weeks ago but it is in a box for a long! very nice dress!!!
    Happy Birthday to your grandparents, it’s a so beautiful a couple of diamond!!


    Is she the grandma who is on ravelry?

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