simplicity 2593

My dressmaking kick since finishing Rooibos doesn’t seem to have faded quite yet, so I reached for another pattern today, Cynthia Rowley 2593 Simplicity

I made this from the teeniest piece of fabric ever, and I’m not even sure what it is.  I picked it up in the remnants bin at Mandors last year, it’s a little shiny and floaty and stretchy, and lovely for summer.

I went for the simple vest option (B) which is just a back, a gathered front and that’s about it.  I managed to scrape together enough fabric to make the neckline binding, but even if I’d attempted patchwork the leftovers wouldn’t have been big enough to cut armhole edgings.

The armholes and bottom edge are finished with a little turned hem.  The fit is lovely, I might even see if I can find some more fabric for another version tomorrow.

(Sorry, puppy photos may become compulsory…)  And my cardigan is my most-worn and best-loved knitted garment, Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnson.


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