dyeing with lilith

I’ve had another wave of family and friends visiting, and this week I met my lovely friend Kate and her husband Jason in West Kilbride and visited Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt for a dyeing workshop in her studio.

We started off with mini-skeins of lots of different bases, forcing ourselves to take notes so we could recreate our favourite colours on full skeins later.

My favourite was the pale blue third from the left in the mini-skein photo, so I got a full skein of that going.  It starts with a pale blue grey before being adding a little jade to brighten in up.  I also went for a couple skeins of sock yarn in the green and orange – being part of a Ravelry group that’s knitting every pair of Cookie’s socks from Knit.Sock.Love is seriously denting by already limited sock yarn stash…

Kate dyed sweater quantities of some of the beautiful colours ever, she had exact colours in mind so did a bit of experimenting to get what she imagined.  I wish I’d sneaked a couple of skeins into her dyepot!

Lilith’s about to move into a bigger studio down the road, but her current space is lovely and packed with gorgeous yarn –

We drove home super-happy, and now my laundry room smells like wet wool…mmmmm!

6 thoughts on “dyeing with lilith

  1. Isn’t Lilith fab? I also did her dyeing workshop when I visited Scotland and had a great experience! I’d recommend it to anyone can arrange it with her and who is in the West Kilbride area. 🙂

  2. Wow, next time I am up that way I will have to visit. Her yarn looks divine!

    Weird question: Clothes pulley, can you take some long distance photo’s? I have been trying to explain how this works to my husband and found some photo’s online but not great ones. Does yours have cast iron ends?

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