I’ve had plans to knit a sock yarn blanket for years.  Then about a year ago I decided it was never going to happen and got rid of all my little balls, but unsurprisingly they’ve started to build up again.  Before it all gets too much, I figured I should just cast on, and then I can knit in the little balls as I go…and it seems to be working!

I decided to use only superwash yarns, as I figure this will probably be gifted to the next baby to come along after it’s finished.   The pattern is based on Debbie Orr’s Zig Zag Pram Blanket, but without the edging and a larger size.  I’m not sure how I’ll finish it – either some kind of crochet edging or strips of garter stitch down each edge.

(Rav links – in case you’re interested in the original projects!)
1. Avivah Socks  2. Paul Atwell Socks  3. Trousseau Shawl  4. Mona Socks  5. Rhombus Socks  6. Garter Yoke Cardi

This project is making me so happy – it’s perfect mindless knitting for when my brain is too full to think and the colour changes are keeping me going.  Here is my little queue of yarns to look forward to, and yes, in two colours time the yarn ball is still attached to another project…



2 thoughts on “leftovers

  1. Thanks for a laugh on the evening! I had the same thoughts months ago and am actually knitting the same project since last summer… 😉 Slowly, but it’s growing. Stitch by stitch, row by row.

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