I haven’t many finished craft projects to show recently, but I am working on and thinking about a few things…

A second Laika, this time in some of the gorgeous yarn ever dyed – Old Maiden Aunt superwash merino in Bitter Bug.

Decorating and planning our new kitchen…

Embroidering a cake, another sampler from Rebecca Ringquist.

Figuring a way to transfer pictures from my garden into a large embroidered, patchwork and quilted masterpiece, hee hee!  (I am excited and have a lot of ideas, but the scale of this project is a little intimidating… one to tackle later in the summer…)

Sewing a lovely dress for my lovely sister, Eclair by Colette Patterns

And suddenly working on my longest ever WIP, started two years ago, Lissajous by Cookie A.



2 thoughts on “playing

  1. Wow, a prolific crafter you are ! I am so glad to have found your fort here, and I anticipate many very inspiring posts… thank you , thank you , thank you ! Now… on to catch up on your archives ! 🙂

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