a green dress, a green hoodie, and a panic

This weekend I managed to work a bit on my current deadline projects.  This is most important – a dress for my very glamorous red-headed sister which needs to be finished today.

The pattern is Eclair from Colette Patterns.  The printed silk is Liberty and I’m not totally sure what the solid green is, the very helpful lady in The Dress Fabric Company helped me choose it but I’m not as good as keeping a note of what materials I use in sewing projects as I am with my knitting.

It’s almost done and I’ve even hand-sewn the hem, which I found strangely satisfying.  It just needs a zip and finished up the side, and the bodice lining sewn in.

It’s not even for me and I am very, very happy with it.  So much so that I can proudly show the inside workings to my Gran.  But the most important thing is that my sister seems to love it, and is rushing round after work to try it on again.  Happy happy.

And then this is my new Laika.  My first one took a bit of beating when I literally one hour after taking the finished photos, I went out for a walk with Penny and was pounced on by two small and very excited dogs off their lead.  They had very sharp claws and a completely ignorant owner who simply shrugged at me when I asked her to call her dogs back, and then did nothing.  My poor sweater needed a little surgery, but its going to be ok.

The pattern though is so much fun I wanted to knit another one to wear at Knit Nation this weekend.  This plan is a little mad though and I don’t think I’ll make it, unless my buddy Rebecca suddenly gets the urge to drive the entire way to London, I stop requiring sleep and elves secretly set up Ysolda’s booth in the night.  I am going to power-on though.  The body is done so its really just the two sleeves and the hood.  I’m going to knit the edging much narrower and put in a zip, which I have optimistically waiting to take with me on the trip.

And my final panic – I knew this already, but cute puppies such as the lovely Ruby Cupcake should not be left un-eyeballed.  I was in the same room, just not looking at her.   She went a little quiet, I looked over and she was chomping on my second-sock-on-the-needles, BFF by Cookie A, the July pattern in the knit.sock.love KAL.  She looked so happy though that for about half a second I almost let her keep it.

I managed to save the yarn though, even though it does now feel a little, um, crispy.


3 thoughts on “a green dress, a green hoodie, and a panic

  1. The dress looks lovely no wonder your sister is happy. I made my sister’s wedding dress many moons ago and it made her very happy. Maybe I should take your lead and make her something else.

  2. The dress is lovely and I’m sure she looks lovely in it too! Glad to see the yarn was salvagable. Maybe you should make Ruby some puppy leg warmers of her own!

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