I was starting to think that I’d never see it done, but at 10.15pm last night my handspun for Ishbel was finally finished!

It’s from Lilith of Old Maiden Aunt, superwash merino fibre in the colourway Moody.  This is the original colourway for Ishbel, and so what this beautiful fibre was always destined to be.  I have around 480m of a fine fingering weight, so I’m going to knit the small stocking stitch section of the shawl then go with the lace until I run out.

The singles were spindle-spun but I cheated for the plying which I did on my wheel.  It’s a little under-plied in places, but lovely and bouncy.  I can’t believe that I first started spinning this in early 2009.  It’s not actually taken all that time to spin as there were several extended breaks, but I’ve already started spindling something else to see how long it takes if I work on it for 10 minutes a day.

This is from A Verb for Keeping Warm, 50 Merino/50 Silk, in the colourway Magic Bean –

I had a lovely time at Knit Nation too, meeting knitters and yarn shop owners in real life is always fun!  I came away with a few lovely things, and realised when I got home that the yarn I picked up from Lilith for a Fugue hat and tam set by Kate Davies, is um, in the Moody colourway too.  (And Driech, which is another colour I’m using for a project-in-progress.)  Hee.



3 thoughts on “moody

  1. Oh, that *does* it !!! You have convinced me of the sublime beauty of really well-spun spindle yarn. You are just amazing ! And I love your photography too ! Exquisite content married with excellent presentation, and I am now a die-hard fan of your blog. (as I am Kate’s). See you around ! 🙂

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