four sweaters

Last week I realised that I had four sweaters on my needles, which is a bit excessive, even for me.  I announced at my knitting group that I was going to Get Them Done, and that no other sweater projects would get near my needles until every single one was in my wardrobe.

The closest to being finished is my second Laika, in Old Maiden Aunt superwash merino in the beautiful Bitterbug colourway.  It’s blocked, the ends are woven in (even the ones that I think people can’t see), but after carefully pinning in the zip yesterday I discovered I’d bought completely the wrong kind, that doesn’t open at the bottom end.  Gah.

Next in line is Angostura, knitted in Quince and Co Lark in Gingerbread.  I am loving making this and am working my way up the back so it should be done in a couple of days.  It looks a bit strange on the dressform which is kinda the wrong size and shape, but when pinned out to the right measurements the front is perfect.

Arielle by Kim Hargreaves has been the longest on my needles.  The edging is a little tedious which I think is why I stalled on starting the front.  But its really pretty and I want to wear it, so its been moved to the top of my knitting basket.

The final sweater is Laar, by Gudrun Johnston.  It’s lovely, but needs a front and back (from above the armholes), and sleeves.  I believe that it tried to take revenge on me for leaving it so long by refusing to stay in focus in a single picture.  There are some lovely ones appearing from the needles of my knitting friends, and I want to get it done so I can wear it before winter hits…

Generally I am in a mood for finishing things just now, to the extent that I even sewed a missing button on Mr Saz’s shirt, and can almost see the bottom of my ironing pile.  The unfinished pile of curtain fabric heaped up in my office has been moved to beside my sewing machine, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me!


5 thoughts on “four sweaters

  1. Haha, I think you ARE a speed-knitter, despite what you think! I can’t decide which one I want to do next, Laika or Angostura, but I could take a cue from you and do both… I’m glad you like my Laar! I wore it to North Berwick yesterday and it was perfect for a windy summery day.

  2. Those sweaters are GORGEOUS, especially Arielle. I also love the color you chose for that one. I have three unfinished sweaters hanging out in my craft room and I’m trying my best to be focused on a dress right now.

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