sweater one – Laika

I’m making good progress on my four sweaters, and have managed to get two off the needles.  First, here is my Laika, knit in Old Maiden Aunt superwash merino 4ply, in the seriously beautiful Bitterbug colourway.

I love this. (Again.)  For this one I knit the edging to half the width, and added a zip.  I’m not sure I’m completely happy with the way the zip went in, I’m gonna wait and see once I’ve worn it a bit then maybe re-do it.

I would still consider making another one, but I think my knitting buddies will try and talk me out of it.  There are many other things to knit, and many things in my queue, and knitting myself three sweaters from the same pattern does seem a little excessive.

Other sweater progress:
Angostura – this is done, just have to get a few more pictures.
Laar – almost done, just one sleeve and the neck edging to go.
Arielle – no progress really, though I did look out the needles I need to cast on the front.  I don’t think that really counts as working on it though.



7 thoughts on “sweater one – Laika

  1. I love the sweater – what a great idea adding a zipper too. I think the color is beautiful and I could see why you would want to knit more of the same pattern.

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