sweater two – Angostura

It is done!  Pictures of this have been a little tricky, and it started pouring with rain before the back could be photographed.  You’ll need to believe me when I say it’s pretty.

Angostura has always been my absolute favourite design in Little Red in the City.  The yarn is Quince and Co Lark, in Gingerbread.  And the wee cable at the base of the neckline makes me super happy – yay for slipped stitches and cables!

Other sweater progress:
Laar – no progress, but I’ll start the second sleeve tonight
Arielle – this has progressed from me looking out the needles I needed, to actually going into a project bag.  Does that count as working on it?

Spurred on by my enthusiasm for my finished sweaters, I went yarn shopping.  For a sweater quantity.  I tried really hard not to order Shelter, as shipping it across the world seems a little against the point of this yarn, but I caved, and I’m calling it an early birthday present to myself.  Ha!  I’m blaming Gudrun anyway for designing Levenwick – one of the most lovely sweaters I’ve seen in a while…


6 thoughts on “sweater two – Angostura

  1. I believe you , it’s pretty ! In fact, it’s *really* pretty ! I am selfishly happy you went on a yarn spree, because it means more for you to post for me to be wonderfully mused by. 🙂

  2. It is pretty.. Love the subtle twisted stitches. I’m thinking of making Levenwick too and might even rip out my old, old FLS to make it.. I fancy a grey cardigan for the winter ahead.

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