cheating with swatches

My four sweaters are almost complete, the last one is on the needles and I’m dreaming about what to knit next.  As a reward I let myself knit a couple of swatches.  Technically that’s not casting on a new sweater, right?

First, was a swatch for my handspun Chickadee, a sweater I’ve been talking about knitting for months but not done much about.  During my wee spinning spree a couple of weeks ago I finished up the final contrast colour, and while not all of the main body yarn is spun up yet, I think starting this project will give me the impetus to get back to my wheel.

In my head this was going to be the most beautiful sweater I’d ever knit, but now the swatch is done I’m not sure if there’s too much contrast between the colours.  (The dark brown for the body isn’t quite as dark as shown, its more of a rich dark chocolate colour.)  Please let me know what you think!

dark brown – natural corridale, pale blue – shetland, white – undyed blue-faced-leicester, dark blue – BFL dyed by me!

And then the lovely Levenwick, which soon will be mine…I swatched in some leftover Shelter I bought in Portland on holiday earlier this year, and then my yarn arrived today.  My sweater will be in the Embers colourway, one of the most amazing burnt red/orange/brown colours I’ve ever seen.

The second this comes off the needles, Levenwick is going on…

Other sweater progress:
Laar – done!  just a little finishing, a button hunt and then photos
Arielle – The front is almost at the separation of the left and right sides, so a little bit to go yet but it actually being on the needles and being knitted is definitely helping with its progress…


11 thoughts on “cheating with swatches

  1. You’ve got some lovely blues in Chickadee, though it’s possible that the white is a bit too strong of a contrast… Perhaps something a bit less snow-white, for example beige or a latte kind of colour? It would go well with the brown too.

  2. I quite like your colour choices for Chickadee. 🙂 You are one of the fastest, most competent knitters I’ve ever known!!

  3. I love the swatch. In my opinion Brown chocolate+blue=perfection!!! ;);)

    And the Embers colorway is lovely!!! can you tell us more about that yarn?? Thanks!!

  4. Looks like it’ll be a lovely Chickadee! It’s definitely on my list of projects to make before the end of the year, although so is pretty much the whole of Little Red, so I’m going to have to prioritise somehow. Looking forward to seeing your one though!

  5. I think the Chickadee will turn out looking great! I also can’t wait to see your Levenwick when you get to it. I picked up some Shelter in the Embers colorway at Purl Soho during a trip this summer and agree with you that it is a really wonderful complex color.

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