sweater four – Arielle

Despite the expression on my face, I am extremely happy with this one – my final sweater WIP, Arielle by Kim Hargreaves.

The yarn is Araucania Ranco Solid, and I was a well-behaved-knitter on this project and alternated the skeins.  It was the edging that tried to defeat me – I found the sideways band really tedious and seemed to take just as long as the rest of the sweater.  Usually I’m a process knitter, but for this it was always the finished garment I wanted so I’m glad I persevered!

The buttons are mismatched, and one of my favourite things about Arielle.  From now on Ysolda will be making all my button decisions.

And now my knitting basket is cleared out, I’m going to spread out my crafting time a little.  Next job is finishing this massive quilt, hopefully in three days time when I have family staying that I hope will be sleeping under it…


7 thoughts on “sweater four – Arielle

  1. Oh wow, that is a flattering little sweater. And the buttons are only subtly mismatched, I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it. Love it !

  2. Love how it turned out! Thanks for being honest about the sideways band. I’ve had my eye on this pattern and was wondering how that band would be to knit. The finished sweater looks great on you!

    • Yeah, I didn’t really enjoy the band but it was amazing how quickly it knitted up when I stopped putting it off and actually knit it!

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