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I’m later than usual this year, but this weekend I sat down and planned out my crafting for Christmas…  I’m lucky that I have a wonderful family who truly appreciate knitted and handmade gifts and its also made easier as they all request particular things.  (Usually something they’ve seen someone else receive the year before.)

I think I am all set – so for this year the list is:

  • colourwork mittens fully lined with laceweight cashmere – End of May Mitts
  • Sam socks by Cookie A, in a very large size
  • a Companion Cube cushion… I don’t know what this is either!…
  • a quilt made from my much-loved Lizzie House fabric
  • Maelstrom socks by Cookie A
  • Parade socks by Judy Kaethler
  • a plain pair of stockinette socks
  • some handspun
  • a laceweight shawl (maybe), pattern to be decided
  • another basic pair of socks that I have a particular stitch pattern in mind for
  • 2 sewn project bags

And before I even get started I have two birthday presents to finish.  At least panicking in September is better than panicking in December (my old trick.)


4 thoughts on “my list

  1. you sound so very organized! well done! now i should get off my butt and do the same 😉 haha. i’m really hoping to do handmade gifts this year…. but if i can get into a christmas market…. it might be tight! 🙂

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  3. Wow! Lots of socks on that list. Good luck! I haven’t decided if I will knit for Christmas this year, as usual. The fever will probably strike around November for that…

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